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Fountain Powerboats, founded by boat racer Reggie Fountain, has been around for more than twenty-five years. Reggie started the company with the goal of building the fastest, smoothest and safest boats in the industry. Today the company has not only exceeded this goal, but has also made their boats so popular, that they cannot manufacture them as fast as they are selling them. Fountain Powerboats Fountain Powerboats builds their boats with Reggie Fountain’s enthusiasm and love for the water, and each model is created from a solid knowledge of hull aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, propellers and setup. Fountain Powerboats knows that building the best boats isn’t everything; it is the only thing. 

      With more than forty-five years of experience in the boating industry, Reggie Fountain is the mastermind behind all of the company’s engineering and product research and development. He is constantly improving their boat-building techniques and

introducing new breakthroughs. One of his innovations is the Positive Lift, which is a step-bottom design that has improved the handling and cornering agility of Fountain’s quality performance and race boats. Fountain was also the first to successfully make use of a notched transom, pad keel running surface. This design improved the boats’ handling and performance. This company was also among the first to use bi-, tri- and quad-directional fibreglass and lightweight coring materials. Even though a lot of other boat builders did not want to use these materials, Reggie Fountain knew that they would work, and because of his innovative thinking, all of the boats in the industry today are lighter and stronger than they were before.

The Fountain Powerboats Factory Service Department provides Fountain’s customers with everything they need to personalize their boats. From parts and accessories to graphics and interior upgrades, this company’s Customer Service Department exists solely to help Fountain Powerboat owners. This department, the dealers, and even Reggie Fountain himself are fully committed to ensuring that Fountain’s customers are able to maintain their boats’ appearance, value and performance. In addition to upgrades and parts, these dedicated professionals are also willing to help their customers with the servicing of Fountain boats’ engine drive train components. Fountain Powerboats not only knows how to build great boats, but they also know how to maintain great relationships between them and their customers.

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